Beome A Member

How Membership Works

Your FriendsFirst membership is an annual membership, good for a period of 12 months from the month of purchase. There are three different levels of FriendsFirst membership in addition to Marquee Club.

How to Login

Upon purchasing your membership you can begin to enjoy the privileges of membership right away. If you purchased your membership online, the email and password you used to purchase your membership are also used to login to your FriendsFirst account. Please go to the FriendsFirst login login page to access your account during FriendsFirst presale period to ticket purchase tickets.

Show Announcements

As a member, you will receive show announcements to let you know about upcoming shows and when tickets will be available for purchase. These can be sent by email and voice mail. We recommend email as it is the fastest and most detailed method. Please include your email address when purchasing a membership so that you will receive these announcements. During the year the frequency of show announcements varies from month to month and averages out to about once a week. As a member you will also receive a three seasonal Brochures throughout the year and, at Platinum level and above, be entitled to a presale period for that launch.


All members receive a membership card which contains your account number and can also be used as proof of membership to purchase tickets over the phone or in person at our box office. You may also use your card for your discount at The Music Store, prior to performances or by appointment (416-593-4822 ext. 358) located at Roy Thomson Hall. For Marquee Members, your membership card allows you access to the BlackRock Lounge at Roy Thomson Hall and complimentary drinks at both venues.

Charitable Tax receipts

The Corporation of Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall is a not-for-profit organization and our charitable registration number is 11922 8633 RR. Proceeds from your membership go to support the programming efforts and our educational programs. As such, memberships at a certain level are entitled to a tax receipt. For Membership levels of $250 dollars and above (Platinum level and above) a charitable tax receipt will be issued. For more information please see FAQ’s page.


We make every effort to service our members at all levels of membership on all shows. On most shows we have tickets put aside for FriendsFirst members. These are allotted on a first-come first-served basis. Please note in some cases ticket inventory on select shows is very limited and restrictions may apply to either the quantity you can buy or the membership levels that tickets are available for. Please be aware, any tickets you buy using a Friends membership are personal licenses and are not transferable. You cannot resell, give away or dispose of your tickets for any promotion of products or services or any other commercial purpose without the express written consent of the producers. Violations of these conditions may result in the non-refundable cancellation of your FriendsFirst Membership.

To purchase tickets as a member please contact the Roy Thomson Hall box office in person at 60 Simcoe St. or call (416) 872-4255.

To join FriendsFirst or the Marquee Club, please contact our Membership Associate at (416) 593-4822 ext. 379 or by email at