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Membership FAQs

Why do I have to pay for a full Platinum Membership ($250) when I already have a membership? Can’t I just upgrade it?

To make sure that you are able to purchase tickets immediately during pre-sale, you need to purchase the Platinum membership. You will be contacted shortly after upgrading about a refund on the balance of your existing membership. The refund will be calculated on the number of months you have left on your current membership. Your new Platinum membership will then be active for 12 months from when you purchased it.

As the Platinum membership is entitled to a partial tax receipt, processing it this way allows us to keep your receipting records with us clean, and receipts going to the Canada Revenue Agency organized. Click here to purchase a Platinum Membership.

How do I get tickets?

If your membership allows you access to presales and FriendsHolds, you may purchase online here; by phone at 416-872-4255; or in person at the Roy Thomson Hall box office at 60 Simcoe Street.

How many tickets can I buy as a member?

Ticket limits vary depending on the show. These limits are included on show announcements sent out to the members as well as on the online box office pages.

Do I need another membership to buy more tickets?

If you would like to purchase more tickets than the posted limit, another person in your party can purchase another membership, but please note that the tickets will have to be purchased by each membership separately. You cannot "piggy back" memberships on one another.

What is the promo code?

For the FriendsFirst Priority, you do not need a promo code. This field appears on many of our ticketing pages but is only used in special promotions. Please disregard this during the FriendsFirst priority. If a FriendsFirst special offer requires a promo code, we will include this in our announcement.

How long is my membership good for?

Memberships are good for a year from the month of purchase, i.e. purchase a membership on March 15th, 2015 and the membership is good until March 31st 2016.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my membership?

Revenue Canada guidelines state that the cash value of membership benefits be excluded from the receipted value of membership. The Corporation will provide partial tax receipts for Platinum ($250) Friends and up. Our Charitable Registration Number is 11922 8633 RR 0001.

What do the ranges on the prices of membership mean?

i.e. $100 to $249 for a Friends membership.
As a not-for-profit organization, The Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall depends on the financial support of our patrons through ticket sales, donations and memberships. Any increase in your payment towards your membership allows us to present the world's most sought-after performers, offer free noon-hour concerts, and provide free tickets to inner city children and their families through Share the Music. Once you are at the Platinum Level ($250 and up) any increase will also add to your partial charitable tax receipt.

Are FriendsFirst tickets available for all shows?

FriendsFirst tickets are available for most of the shows that come to Roy Thomson Hall and Massey Hall. Shows presented by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra are not included, and once in a while, we are not able to provide tickets to select shows. In these rare instances, we will do everything in our power direct you to tickets in other ways.

What does "tickets held until two weeks before the show" mean?

On most shows we are able to put aside tickets which are available to FriendsFirst members only once tickets are onsale to the public. These are limited in number and are sold on a first-come first-served basis and subject to availability. These tickets are available by phone at 416-872-4255 or in person only.

If I want to buy tickets after the FriendsFirst priority can I still buy them on your site?

You are always able to purchase online or directly through the box office. Whenever you are purchasing tickets on our site, even when they are not FriendsFirst tickets, sign in using your FriendsFirst account number so that all of your tickets are kept in the same place in our system. Also, when calling the box office, keep your account number handy to identify you in the system and speed up the process for you.