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Mellissa Fung

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In October 2008, Mellissa Fung, a long-time reporter for CBC TV’s The National, was leaving a refugee camp outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. Suddenly, she was grabbed by armed men, stabbed, stuffed into the back of a car and driven off into the desert into the middle of nowhere. For 28 days, Fung lived confined in an underground hole which was barely big enough to stand up or lie down in, nursing her injuries, praying, writing in her notebook and, as a veteran journalist, interrogating her captors. Her story is based on her memoir, Under the Afghan Sky, which chronicles her perilous time spent in captivity and the indomitable spirit and strength she discovered within herself to survive. Mellissa Fung will open your eyes to the world around us.

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Mellissa Fung

CBC Journalist and Kidnapping Survivor

Part of the Unique Lives & Experiences lecture series

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  • Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:30pm